8 Marketing Tactics to Build Strong Brands


8 Marketing Tactics to Build Strong Brands

Brand awareness. What is it? Is it important for growing your business? That’s only a few questions you need to answer before you dive deep into building your brand awareness. Hopefully, this guide to brand awareness will answer most of your queries.What is the role of brand awareness in building your business? Is brand
awareness necessary to succeed?Creating brand awareness is crucial not only for start-ups but also for companies
with an established position on the market.

A bulletproof brand awareness program has many benefits:

  • it encourages consumers’ decisions making process when they have to choose between various companies;
  • it drives repeat purchases;
  • it contributes to an increase in market share and conversions.

Putting your brand on the business map is hard work.

With a little help from this post, you will be able to build brand awareness and ultimately boost your sales!

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What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the level of recognition a brand has among its target audience. The levels of brand awareness answer the question – how familiar is your target audience with your brand?

To make the concept a bit more practical think about brands such as Kleenex or Coca-Cola. Coke is often used as a synonym for a soft drink, no matter the producer.

That’s because the levels of brand awareness are high when it comes to Coca-Cola.

Brand awareness is one of the major assets your brand can build. High levels of brand awareness can increase the value of your product or service. Building brand awareness builds competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of brand awareness?

Brand awareness can have tangible effects on your business performance.

The benefits of building a robust brand awareness will have an impact on different layers of your organization, starting with marketing to end with design and customer service.

Take a look at the benefits of brand awareness!

Brand awareness increases trust

Trust is the currency of the 21st century. Consumers rely on family and friends recommendations. They research the opinions about a brand, product, or service and base their decisions on the research.

8 Marketing Tactics to Build Strong Brands
inbound marketing

A high levels of brand awareness will assure your customers will come back to you. In other words, brand awareness bonds customers to your brand. Customer loyalty has a direct impact on your revenue.

Brand awareness grows brand equity

Brand equity measures brand’s value. Brand’s value is directly correlated with brand awareness.

Brand value is not only determined by the number of tangible assets it has. You also have to take into account the opinions of customers. Positive associations can raise your brand equity. That’s why it’s important to build positive brand awareness.

Brand awareness makes marketing easy

Or easier, at least.

Brand awareness enforces associations. A lot of people don’t use handkerchiefs but kleenex, orders coke and not soda, and so on.

Brand awareness connects actions or events with certain products. We replace generic terms with branded words. And that’s how part of our marketing is done for us.

How to build brand awareness?

Before you start building and improving your brand awareness, you need to set a benchmark. Set it up by measuring your current brand awareness levels.

Building brand awareness can be manageable when you have a bulletproof plan in place.

There are plenty of tactics you can implement to boost your brand awareness; starting with a strong social media presence and ending on cooperating with other companies.

What’s in there for you? Let’s see!

Here are our eight marketing tactics you can use to build brand awareness:

  1. Use media listening for brand awareness
  2. Build brand awareness on social media
  3. Use customers’ testimonials
  4. Cooperate with social media influencers
  5. Do your SEO research
  6. Make your product exclusive
  7. Implement remarketing campaigns
  8. Partner with local business

You can easily accomplish most of the listed action points by using social listening tool.

Social listening tools gather publicly available mentions containing your predefined keywords. This gives you the necessary data you need to make insightful decision.


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