The Eight Universal Laws of Success

universal laws

There are a series of natural universal laws that govern our lives. Laws that just are … regardless of your knowledge of them – for example gravity. These laws govern how your life evolves, regardless of whether you believe in them or not.

Be assured that these universal laws are always in operation. They don’t just turn on and off because you wish it were so. The law of gravity doesn’t stop just because you are falling down a cliff and wish it wasn’t so!

Understanding these Universal Laws enables you to make better choices… to drive your life to its fullest.

The Law of Vibration

This is the most important and powerful of the universal laws and, unfortunately, the one least understood. Everything is a waveform that vibrates. From the chair you are sitting on to the galaxy we live in, to your thoughts, emotions energy. Everything vibrates at a specific pattern and frequency. On the law of attraction page you’ll find a video about vibration and how science is now understanding its impact on our lives.

The Law of Attraction

Whatever energy is being broadcast out to the universe attracts and is attracted to similar vibrations. Like attracts like and everything reproduces after its own kind.

You are like a radio or television signal tower, eternally sending out broadcasts. Choose the frequency and sound you broadcast out to the universe. Are you broadcasting negative, pessimistic frequencies or harmonious, positive frequencies?

If things aren’t going so well for you right now, in any area of your life, listen to your thoughts and become aware of the vibration you are sending out to the world. Is this what you want to have attracted back to you? If not, then change your thinking to focus on what it is you do want to attract.

Look around you, who are the people that surround you are they just like you? Is that a good thing? If it’s not, then change your thinking, and change your energy. Then you can attract to you what it is you do want.

The Law of Abundance

Everywhere in nature abundance is the rule. From the trillions of cells that make up you, to the trillions of seeds in a forest, to the trillions and trillions of hydrogen molecules that make up our sun.

The law of abundance states that all creation starts with thoughts, and all things are possible with the right thoughts.

The universe does not differentiate your thoughts for you. If you focus on lack and negativity that is what you will attract in abundance. If you focus on success, and good things, then that is what you will attract in abundance. Why not bring yourself into harmony with the universe, by focusing on what it is you do want?

By exercising your creative power to think, and imagine, you can contribute to the ever expanding universe.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything happens for a reason. Everything that occurs in your life (effect) has come about because of something you did or didn’t do (cause).

Your mind is the most powerful cause in the world. It is your inner thoughts, your world within that brings about your external circumstances.

Use the law of cause and effect to move yourself, from being a victim of circumstance to a creator of circumstance.

You choose to use this law to its best effect by choosing your thoughts. Think about what you do want, attach emotion to it, do this regularly, and your outside world will respond to the nature of your song – the nature of your thoughts. Inexorably, inexplicably, inevitably your outer world rewards you with the same circumstance as you are focused on in your inner world. This is done through meditation and affirmations.

You will know that you are around a person who has mastered the Law of Cause and Effect by hearing words and sentences that reflect a clear and consistent message of choice, responsibility, truth and love.

The Law of Growth

Since the Big Bang some 17.8 million years ago, the universe has been growing. Just like the universe you continue to grow throughout your life. The cells in your body die and grow each and every day. It is a known scientific fact that within a 7 year period there isn’t a single cell in your body that existed at the beginning of that cycle. Creation is an ever-unfolding event!

Recognize that the events in your life are there for your growth – you have called them to you so that your soul can step into its fullness. You can choose to learn from them or dismiss the lesson. However, if you find a circumstance showing up, over and over in your life (e.g. constant relationship break-ups or never enough money) then you may choose to look at the lesson that the universe is offering you.

Ask yourself the question, “What is it that I need to learn here, for my spiritual and soul growth?” When you do this, you open yourself up to moving beyond the shackles of your current thinking.

Choose your rate of growth by being willing to accept the circumstances you find yourself in, release your history and past pains and reach out through the sunlight of intelligence, wisdom, love, creativity and growth to grow into the person you have the potential to be.

The Law of Relativity

Things are only good or bad relative to something else. It is your thinking that makes a situation good or bad. If you shift your viewpoint about something, then the situation becomes different. Two minutes can go very slow if you are waiting for the toilet to become free, or it can go by in the blink of an eye when you are walking down the beach with the one you love. It’s all relative! 🙂

If you find yourself in challenging circumstances, you can use the law of relativity to help you feel differently. Thinking of how much worse it could be may shake you out of your doldrums, but it is far more powerful to shift your attention to how you would like it to be — think back to the law of attraction – you don’t want to be focused on more bad stuff!

Two people can experience exactly the same situation and come out of it with different experiences. Simply because of where they chose to focus. Take charge of how you relate to the circumstance you find yourself in. Focus your feelings in a more empowering way if they aren’t supporting you.

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity helps you to understand that there is an opposite to everything.

When something bad is happening to you, rest assured that because of the Law of Polarity something good must also exist in this circumstance. Up to you to find it of course!

Don’t be trapped by black or white thinking. There are thousands of shades of grey between the two ends of the spectrum. There is never only an either/or choice: explore the thousands of potentialities that exist, between two choices.

The Law of Manifestation

Just as it takes time for a seed to incubate, sprout and grow. So too your thoughts. If you have been using the Laws above and are getting frustrated that things are changing. Just know that you are in the pregnancy stage. Wait, and eventually you will give birth to whatever it is you are focused on. Have faith.


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